Stan Nowlin is known and loved by many in the gospel music world as one of the finest guitar musicians in the country!

Coming from a family of musicians Stan’s love of music was sparked at the young age of ten when he began learning to play the guitar. His Dad, Bobby Nowlin, played the base with other musicians at local grocery stores, rodeos, and churches which began to peak his interest for music.

He borrowed records of Chet Atkins from his dad and would listen to the licks over and over until he got it just right.

At the age of fourteen he met Reverend Charles Miles of the Jackson, Mississippi Pentecostal Holiness Church of God who became a major influence on his life.

For the next twenty-two years Stan primarily played in churches and with Christian groups here and there. It was not until 1994 that he decided to make his first album which is called Stan Nowlin and Friends. Over the last sixteen years he has created over five other albums which show his dedication to the art and to God.

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